Student’s Confidence Improves by Time Spent Reading

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Energizing Education operates in seven elementary schools in Jackson County, in four school districts. Mentors from the community come in and read with students twice a week for 30 minute sessions to help them with their reading. The goal of EE is to make sure students are reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade. When students are reading at grade level, they become less likely to struggle academically in later years and are more likely to graduate. We have many success stories with our students and the following comes from a mentor and student pair at Arnold Elementary in Michigan Center.

Energizing Education mentor, Travis Gaddy has been a mentor at Arnold for 4 years. Over those 4 years, Travis has worked with several students. During the 2016-2017 school year, Travis worked with 1st grade student, Damien. When the year began, Damien often was disengaged with his lessons each week and had very little desire to come to the literacy lounge and read. After a lot of encouragement from his mentor and Damien’s hard work, slowly but surely both his mentor and his teacher saw a tremendous improvement. By the end of the school year he had jumped multiple reading levels – from a level 5 to a level 18. With consistency and guidance from Travis, Damien transformed into the perfect gentleman each time he came in the EE room. His teacher Mrs. Vincent said, “It has been great to see Damien develop a relationship outside of the classroom with a positive role model like Coach Gaddy.  His confidence level has greatly improved by spending time reading with Mr. Gaddy."

Stories like this make us very grateful to mentors and their unwavering commitment. Your support of Energizing Education can help students like Damien become excellent readers who succeed each and every day.