Mentor Shares Joy of Volunteering with EE

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Energizing Education’s goal is to reach as many students as possible to help them achieve grade level milestones by the end of third grade.  In order to do so, we need mentors.  We are so fortunate to have as many mentors as we do, but the need for more never ends as there is a constant waiting list for students to be in the program.  This year, a mentor from Cascades went above and beyond mentoring just one student.  Shirlee mentored 5 students.  Here’s her story:

“I had a very good year at Cascades school with 5 students (1st and 2nd graders), 3 girls and 2 boys.  I read with only one of the girls for the first 4 months of this past school year.  She became amazing in her reading ability but we still kept in touch for the rest of the school year.  Then I took two more students when their prior mentor could not continue.  So for the last 5 months I had 4 kids and I really enjoyed reading with them.  Most of the time I felt they were giving it their best in reading and listening. In each session they followed up their reading with writing the words they struggled with and drew pictures of their favorite part of the book.  One time my husband and I were leaving Sam’s Club and one of the young girls came in with her parents and her sister.  She came up to me and gave me a hug and introduced me to her family.  They were so receptive and grateful.  I am looking forward to participating again next fall at Cascades.”

By mentoring with Energizing Education, Shirlee really saw the impact the program brings. Through the cohesiveness between teachers, site coordinators, and mentors, we are all helping to unlock the potential of each student that walks through our Literacy Lounge doors.  It’s no small task we are asking of mentors, and their commitment does not go unnoticed.  When everything comes together, the results we see are remarkable and the students we’ve impacted have had so much confidence, growth, and an adult they can call a friend.

If you are interested in giving to EE financially so that we can continue to grow please visit the Giving Grid at  or to volunteer your time in the schools please email us at for more information.