Energizing is Making a Difference One Child at a Time

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Marcus was a second grade student at Frost who was identified early in the year by his teacher as a struggling reader.  Marcus was enrolled in Energizing Education and paired with a mentor.  Marcus was very reluctant to read at first.  Not every day was easy.  Some days Marcus would sit hunched over a book and say, “I’m tired,” or “Do I have to read today?”

It took several months to see Marcus make progress, but after getting to know his mentor, he began to open up and showed interest in coming to read twice a week.  You could tell that he was trying hard with each book he read.  He was able to sound out words on his own and he was able to make connections and re-tell stories in his own words.  When it came time for him to be tested, his scored showed that he was ready to exit the program.

Marcus exited reading at grade level and was a model student.  Marcus ended up in the LEAP program which allows above average learners to excel in a classroom centered on learning and an advanced curriculum.  In order for him to be reading above average took both consistency and a collective effort.  With the support of Frost teachers, his family, and EE, we took an at risk student and changed his trajectory.

Marcus is one of many students that have benefitted from being in the program.  Last year, Energizing Education mentors read with 168 Kindergarten through third grade students at our seven elementary schools.  These volunteers went above and beyond the task we asked of them – to read with students for 30 minutes twice a week.  Many volunteers took on more than one student, dedicating hours a week to helping students gain the skills they need to become better readers.  93% percent of students improved their reading proficiency last year. The strong community approach between school districts, donors, and mentors is a direct correlation to the educational improvements we see each day.

Donating to EE opens doors for students throughout the community.  The more dollars we have allows us to continue the work we’re doing in our current schools and expand into more.

If you want to see students in Jackson County thrive and succeed please take a look at the work we have done and think about what more we could accomplish with your donation to EE.  Donate at https://www.givinggrid.com/eejackson/