EE Parent Expresses Gratitude for the Program

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Students who are enrolled in Energizing Education are often those students that need just a little extra support. We see many success stories in the making each day at our schools, but it always means even more when those stories come from parents of our students. At one of our recent events I had the pleasure to talk with a parent of one of our students at Cascades. The parent shared with me how grateful he was to the program and everyone who has helped his daughter. His daughter, now in 2nd grade was in the program last year because she was a struggling reader. With the help of her mentor, by the end of the year, she had made a lot of progress. Sometimes it’s hard to know how much of what you say, and the tips and tools your offer to parents will be taken home and utilized. This father said that he loves reading with his daughter and does whatever he can to help her become a better reader. He would make a conscious effort every day to read books that were sent home from school with her and even read books from their own home library.

Stories like this make me proud to do what I do every day and I hope it helps those reading this to see that Energizing Education is making a difference to our students and their families and is an essential program to have in the community.

-Energizing Education Manager, Lois Dunning