Literacy is My Passion

As the Literacy Specialist for Energizing Education, I have the great privilege of meeting and training all of our literacy mentors.  I truly enjoy being with people who are vested in their community and willing to invest real time each week in an effort to improve the lives of children.

Learning about the ways that children learn to read and write has been my passion throughout my career as an educator.  My experiences in education are all over the board.  I have taught kindergarten at a private school, spent 12 years with our local Head Start Program, and in my work at the Jackson Intermediate School District I have had the opportunity to work with teachers from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  In addition, this fall I joined the Adjunct Faculty at Jackson College where I am teaching…..(what else?)….READING!

Being a part of Energizing Education is extremely rewarding for me.  It’s a community effort with broad support and participation from a diverse group of dedicated individuals.  The positive vibe is infectious when you’re  surrounded by people who are choosing to volunteer their time.  Not only that, the Energizing Education Staff, lead by Kriss Giannetti are a fantastic group of people to work with.

-Asa Fleming

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